Ellatu Silky Touch is a cruelty-free and environmentally conscious brand. Our formulas are made of the highest quality, naturally-derived ingredients. We could not embrace our inner goddess without paying homage to Mother Earth. That's why we are committed to using 100% recycled packaging for our luxury haircare products.

  • Infused with FiberHance™

    We enhance our innovative formulas with FiberHance™—a breakthrough in bond-building technology. Protect and heal your damaged hair by restoring its strength inside and out. It is the power of a salon-quality treatment right in your own home.

  • Beautiful, Healthy Hair

    Create the perfect hair care routine with Ellātu Silky Touch. Our nourishing formulas contain enriching ingredients proven to encourage healthy hair. The full collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, serum, and fragrance.

  • Recycled Packaging

    You deserve beautiful hair and a beautiful planet, too. Help keep the environment healthy with our recycled packaging. Creating eco-friendly hair care solutions is part of our commitment to a healthier earth.


What makes Ellatu different?

Ellātu Silky Touch hair care products soothe your dry, damaged hair inside and out. Our formulas are inspired by nature and backed by science. Hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the follicle to hydrate from within. Fiberhance repairs broken bonds in your hair. The combination promotes healthy softness, shine, and manageability.

What Hair Types is Ellatu Suitable for?

Ellātu Silky Touch hair care products contain nourishing ingredients that are suitable for all hair types. How our products fit into your hair care routine, such as how often you use them and how much, will ultimately be up to you.

What do the shampoo and conditioner smell like?

Ellātu Silky Touch hair care products are designed to be an empowering, sensual experience with every use. Our long-lasting fragrance is a soothing combination of fresh bergamot, amber, and patchouli.

What benefit does hyaluronic acid have for the hair?

Hyaluronic acid revitalizes your hair with its intense moisturizing power. It draws moisture into your hair like a magnet, hydrating it internally and externally. Using it can improve your hair’s manageability and give it a gorgeous silky surface.

How long will this product last?

Ellātu silky touch is formulated to provide long-lasting softness, strength, and shine to your hair. While individual results may vary, some users have reported a noticeable difference right away that lasted up to several weeks.