Ellatu is by women, for women. Created by a team of female entrepreneurs, spearheaded by Nicole Levine.

Ellātu is a family-owned, woman-owned business with a mission to bring the power of healthy, radiant hair to women everywhere. The brand is spearheaded by a team of passionate female entrepreneurs led by enterprising businesswoman Nicole Levine. They developed Ellātu Silky Touch after heat and chemical processes left them with dry, damaged hair. After struggling for years, the team decided there were no accessible solutions for bleach damaged hair on the market.These innovators refused to choose between living with damaged hair, or cutting it all off.So they developed their own revolutionary line of hair care products. With the help of top-rated chemists, the trailblazing women created a never-before-seen solution for damaged hair. Ellātu Silky Touch is a complete hair care routine for promoting healthy hair at home.

Frizzy hair before using Ellatu.


Ellātu is the result of three women’s passion for beautiful hair. Enterprising business woman Nicole Levine and her family suffered from dryness, breakage, and frizz after bleaching their own hair blonde. So she joined forces with her daughter and sister to come up with a solution. Simply giving up and cutting it off wasn’t the answer they wanted. But none of the products they tried provided the high quality experience they were hoping for.

After exploring countless options, the team developed the perfect formula. 

Ellātu Silky Touch is full of enriching ingredients that make your hair irresistible. It revitalizes dull, frizzy, or damaged hair without needing an expensive trip to the salon.

The Ellatu shampoo and conditioner bundle. Formulated specifically for dry, damaged, color-treated, chemically-treated, frizzy, curly, hair with ingredients such as Fiberhance, Hyaluronic Acid, Moringa Oil, Castor Oil and Vitamin E.


Ellātu Silky Touch is a full line of shampoos, conditioners, and styling formulated to revitalize your hair back to its most beautiful state. 

These hair care products do way more than treat your hair on a surface level. Enriching, science-backed ingredients deliver nutrients deep within your hair.

Replenishing hyaluronic acid draws hydration into every fiber of your hair strand, improving its overall moisture retention. Miraculous technology, Fiberhance™, fortifies broken hydrogen bonds to improve your hair’s strength and manageability.

Combined, these ingredients pack incredible restorative power into your hair with every use.

The complete collection is a fully comprehensive hair repair routine fit for a goddess.

Vanesa and Nicole Levine, mother and daughter team behind Ellatu.


Israeli native and entrepreneur Nicole Levine works alongside her family to develop innovative natural products for a wide variety of uses.Ellātu is the result of their dedication to uplifting women through self-care and beauty.The woman-owned business is leading the way with its cutting-edge hair repair formulas.Their incredible solution for damaged hair gives all women the power to experience the confidence of a good hair day every day.

Ellātu Silky Touch was created as a better way to treat our own hair. As a family-owned business, we stand by our products because we use them every day.