Up or down? How to prevent damage when you are sleeping

Up or down? How to prevent damage when you are sleeping

Tossing and turning on the pillow at night can cause friction to your hair, leaving you with an unruly head of hair at best and hair that's more prone to breakage at worst. To keep your hair smooth and tangle-free, should you sleep with your hair up or down? And does it matter whether your hair is wet or dry?

If you're the type who likes to shower at night, you might find yourself debating going to bed with wet hair or drying and styling it before you head off to dreamland. Going to bed with wet hair can increase your risk of developing fungus, and unfortunately, a moist scalp and a damp pillowcase can create the perfect breeding ground for yucky things to grow. Going to bed with wet hair can also increase the risk of breakage, as the hair's cuticle is more malleable and fragile when it's wet.

Adding moisture to dry hair before bed, and she suggested giving the scalp a little love, too. The best hair routine after a shower at night is to apply oil or hair serum, depending on your hair.

When it comes to getting your beauty sleep, there is no hard and fast rule as to how you should wear your hair. It's more about protecting your hair to reduce friction so you don't risk breakage or waking up with a tangled mess. If you have long hair, you can pull your hair back or put it up. Braids and loose buns are good hairstyles to prevent hair damage when sleeping. If you choose to sleep with hair up, avoid metal or rubber hair ties, which can lead to breakage. Instead, keep any sleeping hairstyles loose and comfortable. Satin or bamboo scrunchies are a good alternative to more abrasive hair ties.

For best results when using a hydrating deep conditioning mask, shampoo first and then apply a generous amount of the mask to towel-dried hair from scalp to ends. Massage into strands. Leave the mask on overnight for up to 10 hours. Rinse and style as desired!

Remember, the goal of your nighttime hair routine is to protect your hair from damage while you sleep. So, whether you choose to wear your hair up or down, the key is to make sure it's protected from friction and breakage. And always remember to use the right products to lock in deep moisture, fortify strands, and fight frizz no matter what your nighttime hair routine is.

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