How Often Should You Wash Damaged Bleached Hair?

How Often Should You Wash Damaged Bleached Hair?

Make sure you know how frequently to shampoo your hair after going blonde. Bleached hair requires special maintenance!

If you’ve just bleached your hair, washing it too much may worsen the damage. You need to shampoo your hair on a schedule that won’t make your hair too dry.

As fellow blonde enthusiasts, we have often overwashed our hair. So we know the harm it can cause to freshly bleached hair first-hand.

That’s why we created Ellatu Silky Touch. Our hydrating shampoo nourishes your hair to fight frizz and dryness after shampooing.

How often you wash your hair will depend on many factors, from how oily it is to what kind of elements it’s exposed to. If your hair is full of sweat, oil, and dirt, you may have to wash it more often than the next person.

But with our nurturing shampoo and conditioner, you can wash your hair as often as necessary.

Here are our top tips for shampooing your hair and how much you should be washing it.

How do you take care of bleached, damaged hair?

After you’ve bleached your hair, try to stretch out the time between washes as much as possible. Doing so will give your hair some time to recover its moisture. But since the cuticle of your hair is lifted, it will take a bit more work to give your hair what it needs.

If you must wash it often, do your best not to wash your hair more than 3-4 days in the same week to avoid overwashing. Even if you are using an SLS-free shampoo, you want to take every precaution to respect the fragile state of your hair.

Some sources recommend working the dry shampoo into your haircare routine to go as long as possible without having to wash your hair. But we don’t.

Dry shampoo dries out your scalp and hair, defeating the purpose of not washing it. It can also clog your follicles and slow down your hair growth—or worse, cause it to fall out completely.

Wash Your Bleached Hair with Ellatu Silky Touch

When your hair feels great, you feel even better. Enjoy soft, strong, and shiny hair with the Ellatu Silky Touch Shampoo and Conditioner.

Ellatu Silky Touch contains a variety of hydrating ingredients that douse your hair in the moisture and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Our nourishing formulas improve your hair’s strength, manageability, and overall appearance.

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