Does Dying Your Hair Blonde Damage It?

We love a good blonde moment. Just make sure you’re protecting your hair from all that bleach.

Dying your hair blonde may be fun, but if you’re not careful, you can do some serious damage.

If your hair is already light, you may be able to get away with skipping the after care. But for dark hair, you need to be especially careful how you treat your hair after going blonde.

Even if your hair looks great after bleaching it blonde, it probably still has at least a little bit of damage. Your hair may even look fuller or more voluminous after going blonde, which may lead you to believe it’s feeling better than ever. But that’s just an illusion.

We designed our cutting-edge hair care products to encourage healthy hair even if you damage it from bleach or other chemical processes.

Here’s everything you need to know about bleach and how you can go blonde without suffering from damaged hair.

How Does Bleaching Your Hair Blonde Work?

When you go blonde, the chemical process irritates the outer layer of your hair. This outer layer, also known as the cuticle, lifts up and is out of place when it comes into contact with bleach.

The lifting of the cuticle is what makes your hair look fuller after coming into contact with bleach.

But since your cuticle protects your hair, that also means your hair is more fragile.

You will also experience more frizz and split ends after the cuticle has been moved. So, even though you might be enjoying that volume boost after you bleach your hair, believe us when we tell you it will not last long.

Lifting your cuticle is just the first step of the bleaching process. Once your cuticle is out of the way, the bleach will continue to penetrate into your hair strands to strip them of their pigment.

It also breaks down your hair’s keratin structure. If your hair is curly, it won’t be for long.

This type of damage is permanent. That’s why bleached blonde hair requires constant maintenance. Fortunately, there is something you can do to get your hair looking and feeling healthy again. Hair repair treatments today are far more advanced than those of the past.

You don’t need to spend all of your money getting deep conditioning treatments at the salon every month, either. All you need is the right routine!

Using a gentle shampoo for damaged hair is a great place to start.

Protect Your Bleach Blonde Hair with Ellatu


If going blonde is your thing, then you need a good hair care routine. As fellow blonde lovers, we know how difficult it can be to maintain your hair after bleaching it.

That’s why we created Ellatu Silky Touch – the only hair repair system as simple as washing and styling at home! You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive treatments at the salon.

Our science-backed formulas contain nourishing ingredients that revitalize dry, damaged hair.

Bleach breaks down your hair’s structure. We use innovative bond-building technology to strengthen your hair and restore its healthy appearance.

With consistency, using Ellatu Silky Touch will help your damaged blonde hair feel healthy and beautiful once again.

Shop our collection and create your hair care routine today!

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